Rape of the Natural World: The Complete Jurassic Park

And now we’re going back, how far we going back? 1993. In reality, this is a story that begins with Jurassic Park, the story called Harrison Chute. I tried to talk about the whole series over a year ago, or should I say just the film series, and I didn’t get that far, even. So, in a coordinated effort to close all the loops on The Battle Beyond Planet X, leaving absolutely no stone unturned, in consideration of the creepy crawlies in the darkness underneath, it’s time to discuss the Complete Jurassic Park, which shall be maintained through until 2018. … More Rape of the Natural World: The Complete Jurassic Park


95. Jurassic Park III

This is not what you might consider a ‘good’ movie, like a lot of sequels ahead, but it does feature a number of key elements that legitimize its place. Number one is Stan Winston Studios dinosaurs, an image of the film canon so wondrous it never threatens to lose luster, even after twenty-one years. Here … More 95. Jurassic Park III