The Kindred Kind: Blade Runner and Naturalization

Blade Runner is one of the most important scifi films out there, along with Metropolis and Star Wars. Every filmmaker or production designer working in scifi has to reconcile Blade Runner at some point. You have these scenes where they’re just flying between buildings and 30 years later, it’s jaw-dropping. And borderline gratuitous, and that’s the thing. … More The Kindred Kind: Blade Runner and Naturalization

86. Soldier

The perfect soldier is one without morality, one who could literally be engineered, and not just deconstructed from a human foundation. Through the magic of science-fiction, we can get both to compare: the former a thought exercise, the latter an extrapolation of the real world. In Soldier, a film written by David Webb Peoples (Unforgiven, … More 86. Soldier