Episode 50, Delayed!

Welp, looks like I’m gonna need more time putting Ep. 50 – The Abstraction of Storytelling together. It won’t be up on Monday, but it’ll certainly be ready next Monday. In the meantime, enjoy this picture: I love Twitter for like five people

68. Black Dynamite

Not being versed in Blaxploitation, and not having followed up with the animated series, I may not be so primed for BD. But outside all context, Black Dynamite is a film where, when the hero walks through a doorway or into a scene -DYNOMITE, DYNOMITE – plays to a snippet of music. The look on … More 68. Black Dynamite

The BBPX Top 100

No podcast this week: I’m sick again! That’s why I need to build a backlog, but that’s what I have been doing, only for this joke — BBPX’s (The American Film Institute) Top 100, beginning tomorrow! I did make a mistake — it’s actually a top 102, because to my nostalgia-addled mind, two adventure films … More The BBPX Top 100