Ep. 89 – Evolving Culture

In the US, there is a reported rape every 6.2 minutes. One in five women will be raped in her lifetime, so that’s tens of millions of women… all lying about rape. … More Ep. 89 – Evolving Culture

Ep. 83 – Casual Fridays: Finding Your Station

Rapists and murderers will always have their defenders and enablers, but hypocrites are destined to burn. I mean, look at how much emphasis people put on politicians who quote unquote flip-flop on their ideals. I don’t even understand how that’s conceptually relevant, never mind the most relevant. I’m not saying Hilary Clinton will make a great president, and frankly I don’t know what a great president really means, but let’s be clear – nobody has ever experienced what she has, lived the life of a woman on that level of politics, so maybe, our judgment of her can never truly be final. And maybe, it’s been too quick. … More Ep. 83 – Casual Fridays: Finding Your Station

Ep. 82 – Dystopian Fiction: Challenging the Utility of Pessimism

Seems to me there are historians and futurists, and with regards to our present day, they serve an identical purpose, albeit one approached from diametric angles. Even if sometimes it’s a byproduct of their work, they influence attitudes and attitude-driven behavior in our society, both how you and I carry ourselves, all the way up to the highest levels of policy making in a given country. Historians, in one corner, represent that old axiom that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. Of course, you don’t have to be a historian to engage in that work, and recognize past evils. Futurists, in the other corner, tell us about what could be, and what could be often should be avoided. We don’t have to be futurists either, because we have Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke. … More Ep. 82 – Dystopian Fiction: Challenging the Utility of Pessimism

Ep. 81 – Black Suits or Blue Genes: Let’s Talk Gattaca

This is a movie that is much-loved, but is a strong, strong contender for most overlooked movie of our time. Not underrated, but overlooked. I saw this movie for the first time long ago, and I really liked it, but in pursuant years, in reflecting on the film, I could not recall even the broad movements of the plot. I remembered a stirring performance from Jude Law, a very confident art direction, and genuine drama in a scifi film. The biggest thing I forgot about was the story. I knew it was about genetics, but not how it specifically worked. … More Ep. 81 – Black Suits or Blue Genes: Let’s Talk Gattaca

Ep. 80 – Tortured Masterworks VII: Terminator Part II

The turn of the millennium was quiet for the Terminator series, and from 1991 we’d be twelve years out before the next film installment. As such, all of the tie-in material for the series was based on T2, or even the first one, and felt outdated, as technology was beginning to change in tandem with a culture that was gradually becoming more technology-oriented. The 90s and early 2000s was the heyday for the Pirates of the Silicon Valley, maybe, the revolution in consumer electronics, I should say. Perhaps Terminator was becoming unnecessary, a Luddite cultural artifact rooted in its time, like The X-Files in the 90s. Well, as we know, the studios solved this problem simply, by stripping out any meaning the series ever had, which is how we get things later on. … More Ep. 80 – Tortured Masterworks VII: Terminator Part II