Existential Delaise

Just couldn’t resist… one last OOPSIE post…


Tonight’s episode will come out sometime Monday. It is currently reaching the end of the drafting process, meaning that recording and editing still lie ahead. The podcast following that will undoubtedly also be late, because I won’t have next weekend to work on it. After that, surely this embarrassment will propel me forward. A lot of the remaining episodes have been at least partially written, but there’s still the matter of watching the damn movies (or playing the game, in the case of the final episode).

That has been the ultimate obstacle in all this, and I had this or last year made a solemn resolution to myself that when inspiration strikes for a project to follow it, because otherwise I lack the creative energy to do anything at all. I’m trying to type out an episode of this podcast while ideas about other things are percolating, and it hurts because when the podcast is done, those ideas will have been done waiting around.


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