The Essentials: Deep Blue Sea

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This week, we take a…

deep dive, into a well-remembered film from childhood: DEEP BLUE SEA.

Or, as the case may be — not so well-remembered. Within, revelations, Game of Thrones-bashing, and a rant about Saffron Burrows the likes of which are untold even in the scripture.

No, it’s nothing like crazy or weird, I’m just really upset about stuff.


Runtime: [40:38]

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And this article about the original ending, which contains this passage:

“Basically what had happened was that the audience felt so deeply that the scientist character, the woman who was behind the whole experiment with the sharks, that it was all her fault. In their minds, she was the bad guy and in our minds, she was the heroine and we thought saving her was the key. Basically, we had test cards that said, “Kill the bitch.” It was an amazing revelation.”

Pray we never meet.

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