The Final Ten Episodes

BBPX teaser

It’s finally here: the end of The Battle Beyond Planet X. BUT! Looks like we’re changing things up a little bit. If you’re a big-time listener to the show, you may have noticed a trend away from science-fiction.

Instead, I, Harrison Chute, Proud Korean, have decided to trek back to my homeland — spiritually, of course — and with both Crunchyroll and Viki at my side, I’ve spent the past four months immersing myself in the world of KOREAN DRAMA.

It’s a world of romance, comedy, heartbreak, and if period — certainly bondage. So the next ten episodes will work as a kind of bridge to my new blog, ship/rec, which will do as advertised. I’ll give weekly recommendations on these tales of love and betrayal.

There’s a simple answer to this course correction, and it’s this:

Science-fiction is the lamest of all genres.

Who would waste their time on such a thing?


I can’t guarantee you’ll enjoy the new content, I can only warn you of what’s ahead. Brace yourself. We may not come back from this journey. And if we do… perhaps that’s the worse fate.


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