Ep. 84 – As If Millions of Voices: Canon and Legends

To Listen, Click… Here


This week, we tackle the debate (the debate?) over canon vs. legends. Intent vs. Interpretation, Iron Man vs. Captain America. This episode is about looking at film a different way, and I think we can.

What do YOU think? What’s the Star Wars gameplan?

(More like the Star Wars LAMEPLAN!)

There’s a Zelda nostalgia-bomb for y’all nerds in the middle. Btw, that was actually a remix of Gerudo Valley, but I’m sure you knew that. I didn’t. Hence: “Gerudo Village.”

Runtime: [51:26]


Further Reading
Replacing Commander Shepard,” my take on Mass Effect as figurative narrative
Friends from the Internet #4,” there’s some stuff on writing as devalued
Star Wars Legends,” from Wookiepedia

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