Mythology of Evil and the 2016 Thesis

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Call of Duty Ghosts Female Soldier

Jesus, what the hell happened? I don’t know. But I’m about to tell you more about myself than you ever even imagined you wanted!

This episode is really two parts, and the first part is a review of certain myths about women, reaching toward a conclusion relevant to the prior episode. And the second half is almost like a state of the podcast address, or a mission statement for the year 2016. Or is it just madness?

This is some of the sources of research for the prior episode, and for this one, I guess:
Some bullshit about integration
Call of Duty BLOOPS 3 fails its First Female Protag
Should Women Be Able to Fight lolol
6 Female Military Units YOU Don’t Want to Mess With
The actual bullshit about integration maybe the first one wasn’t, my bad
Women being unfunny
Women being attracted to physicalalala

Runtime: [40:31]

This podcast is about…


Oh yeah, that movie we’ve all seen. Why does this feel pointed?

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