New Cast Sched


There’s some rad tude in that post title, for a post with probably pretty non-rad news. But this is, after all, a science-fiction podcast, so the shocks are metered and the news be old. In this case, I’ve been thinking about a new release schedule, one that harkens back to an elder time when I didn’t know there was anyone listening. And the audio quality was almost impressive how bad it was (I’ve Special Edition-ed almost all the Ghost in the Shell episodes, still plugging).

The reason the new schedule harkens back is because sometimes I had the habit of skipping a week every new and agoo, and that’s the plan for 2016 (‘s foreseeable future): two podcasts every month, same Monday release.

The reasons are twofold, and the primary reason is to sharpen focus. That was the main impetus behind The Battle Beyond Planet X in the first place, that the previous blog, Dreck Fiction, was so scatterbrained and bilic I can’t stand the thought of it. This new fangy podcast is a lot more about episodes that snap crackle, like ‘Halo and Religion’ (total misnomer, never addressed) and ‘Is Samus a Trans Character’ (could’ve used more sensitive approach). Episodes that encompass the mission plan of bridging the gap between scifi and social issues. The episodes that go a little off topic are only good if there’s a guest on, although I need to straighten out my hosting manner. The whole ‘I suck at this lol’ thing isn’t precious.

The ‘thesis’ episodes take some time and thought, and they do because I’ve only really been satisfied with one or two of them. The Moribito one would be fine if it wasn’t a new mic, and I didn’t sound like one of them dead… person. They could always be better, and I’d like to have a product I can stand by 100%. For you, Internauts.

And the second thing is the old chestnut. I’m always busy with some creative project, and now that I’m out of school, that part of my life seems more real – sink or swim, or maybe just that my ‘career’ is approaching (any day now). I have a job now that has very little impact on my life and can almost pay the bills, so I need to devote as much of this time to my professional future. Maybe you’ll even see some of that part, but not for a long time.

So hopefully this new schedule will make as profound an impact on my life as I think it will, but it does apply some pressure – I will miss those ten minute whatever shows. I’m sure the Casual Fridays stuff will persevere, because those tend to be the heaviest.

At least recently. This post didn’t need to be so long. I think I probably wrote more here than George RR Martin did in his latest blog post. It’s a revelation of similar heft, so I’ll consider it bleft.

The first 2016 episode, recorded in the new year, will be about Call of Duty: Black Ops III. If you’re a listener, you might be taken aback — it’ll come off as more callous than usual, because I’m gonna make a play at a broader audience, to the kinds of people who’ll only listen to a Call of Duty episode. But we’ll see.

In the meattime, enjoy this picker:


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