Podcast of the Podcast Addrizzle

Here we gizzle.


Turns out I’ve actually uploaded too many podcasts this month, and at the risk of spending ten more dollars to post up another episode, well, I’m not doing that. It would’ve been pretty uninspired anyway.

So be on the lookout for the Year End Review double-casts that Donovan (codename: Crashbattle Steelbeer) and I did, in which we trade jabs over our ten best movies and television shows we watched this year (that’s 40 — count ’em — 40, titles in total)! You can hear the original BBPX episode with Donovan (codename: Bonenbrimie Slappenhoosier) here. And the 2014 Year End Reviews here and here. How precious — I was so young and dumb back then.

And before then, a tiny-tinny piece on Za Forpes D’Awake-ish will drop. It’ll be an excoriating writ on the topic of ‘I like this movie a lot.’ Nothing unique of mind-blowing to say, just another voice to toss on the pile.

If I summon the strength to spend PayPal dollars on the latest Call of Duty game, you may or may not have an interesting episode to start off your 2016.

In the meantime, Njoy this picture, because this movie didn’t make the list — we recorded the night it came out, I believe:



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