The Final Episode of The Next Dimension

Not to be confused with Highlander 3. Listen up!


If you’re a desiccated listener to this show, you’re familiar with my buddy Donovan Grant, who’s made a number of appearances (talkin’ Cassandra Cain, the comics medium, and Punisher: War Zone). Along with co-host Jesse Garret, he’s been curating a comprehensive Dragonball Z companion podcast since the end of 2011.

The final episode concerns the recent film Dragonball Z: Resurrection F, which may not be Donovan’s favorite entry (and itself seems to exist by suspicious motives), but he and Jesse pull a rounded and fair conversation from it. There’s a little bit of shade thrown toward the rowdier fans, inside baseball on Dragonball Z lore and the approach of Akira Toriyama, and a bittersweet sendoff.

Will they return?

“It ought to be a beautiful franchise. Dragonball.”

“I hope you’ll come back someday.”


And stay tuned — cancel your New Year’s plans and wait by your computer to DL our Year End Review episodes, which will drop on Dec. 31, and Jan. 1, most likely at midnight each time. OR WILL THEY? (Yep).

But for now, we raise a glass.


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