No Podcast this Sheik


Confusing gamerbros sexually since 1997 (I don’t know when the feck that game came out)

Looks like I heaved too much. Onto my plate. This week and weekend.

But there’s a few highlights amidst the busyness. I’ll be recording about something not scifi, but tangentially related, with Donovan Grant — it’s a little film you might’ve heard of called Punisher War Zone. I got some questions for the man, because I know he’s a big Punisher fan, and from what I understand, the movie is a pretty faithful adaptation, despite being a composite and bringing in original villains (??).

Also, on Saturday there’s the third annual charity stream from Dave and Graz over at Fast Karate. Last year I was on a student film set all day, which sucked because I had a minimal role and the project was about time traveling Prohibition kids. I haven’t really been able to watch any FK streams though because my laptop is dying and somehow being on the Internet superheats it. But the warm weather is coming to a close out here in idyllic LA, and the ants are retreating back, deep within the walls.

And then thinking about the podcast I’m supposed to record, well… I waited too long. I have a lot of regretful moments, looking back over the Battle, and a lot of it just comes from recording while outraged (or, writing — the recording itself is always later, and has none of the same energy, making for a somewhat confusing product). Casual Fridays: Do I Make You Laugh? is supposed to be a review of everything I’ve thought about it with ‘outrage culture’ and the more advanced/more complicated level of trigger warnings in, for example, college settings. Sometimes I care about that, sometimes I don’t. This is not one of those times.

But other than that, I just wish I could get over the hump of the next few days…

I mean, we’re so close to Rise of the Tomb Raider I can — reviews for the new James Bond movie are coming out, and there’s been some serious rage about that. Nerdos spilling they Cokes on their keyboards talking about this James Bond series isn’t shaping into a narrative whole!

Apparently the questions asked in that *awesome* movie, Casino Royale, aren’t getting answered.

What I want to know is… How is he not James Bond yet? It’s been four movies now! Just as I was convinced that the next Planet of the Apes movie would be something like Forthcoming of the Planet of the Apes, or In Due Time the Planet of the Apes, after Rise and Dawn. Which… are synonyms, at least in their usage within the lore of the Apes.

And now after Lara’s rebooted first bout, this is the game where she rises to become the tomb raider?

First of all, how is that a measure of quality? Doesn’t raiding tombs make you a tomb raider? Or is this one of those labels like ‘writer’ or ‘artist’ that can only be ascribed to you externally?

I’ve had mixed feelings on this new Lara Croft, just because the creators seem so determined to keep her the way she is, more ‘survivor’ than super badass. I read the Gail Simone comic, and she was all like, depending on others. What kind of video-game protagonist even has a supporting cast, never mind acknowledges their existence?

Maybe I should just leave it alone.

What do you think? Should I:
A) Leave it alone
B) Continue to think about this
C) Shot Darnell with a long ass gun and tossed it into the aquarium

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2 thoughts on “No Podcast this Sheik

  1. I saw Spectre last night, and he’s totally Bond by now. It’s the biggest throwback film to the classic era in this modern Craig era, with all the trimmings and zero room left to grow.

    I sympathize with the Lara Croft consternation. I’ve not played the games (outside of a level in Crash 3 titled “Tomb Waider), but the situation you’ve described reminds me on how much a dislike the current Wonder Woman constantly being bigged up as a Xena-like badass, when I feel her original gender-queer Ambassador of Love was and still is a lot more radical and interesting. But it falls in line with the same line of thinking in that portraying a character through hard-edged vulnerability is the way to go for female characters across the board. Badass women are both a numerical minority and an exercise in two-dimensionality, and you’ve talked about this on the show before. Sucks that this fact keeps getting thrown in genre fans’ faces.

    Luckily I can still go to Steven Universe for rays of sunshine, even if it’s on hiatus.

    1. The Wonder Woman bigifying feels like such a feint. In all my — albeit limited — research, I’ve only really seen Wonder Woman in various states of bondage/peril. And I don’t have a lot of hope for the Gal Gadot iteration, just because it’s SUCH a huge movie, and Zack Synder’s approach to strong women has been, what? Empowering psychotic fantasies in Sucker Punch, or Queen Gorgo in 300? I guess Silk Spectre II was okay in Watchmen, but that was a pretty literal adaptation. And I know Gal Gadot got pretty jacked for the movie, but again her pedigree is mostly Fast and Furious, which is *primarily* where that “oh you can drive a car and shoot a gun, fuck you” comment came from last episode.

      Not having a huge connection to the big WW, I don’t mind which direction they go, so long as it turns out okay. The version you’re looking for definitely doesn’t sound like it would fit in the grimdark of the Snyderverse, which is really just a “Hey Me too” Nolanverse. But we know that, no need kicking a dead horse

      Love?! The only love we as Americans understand is the love between men, just as long as it isn’t romantic… (we’re going places!)

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