No Podcast this Weak


One invasion of ants in my apartment and a clogged shower make for a week where all I’ve been capable of is hiding in my room and watching the middle seasons of 24, which I’ve never seen.

And Blindspot is pretty good too. I mean, it’s a network show, so expect some lameness, but as long as Jamie Alexander beats up a guy every episode, that’s fine. And it’s cool seeing Ashley Johnson in a live-action role — she’s like the gift that the video-game world gave television, after one of the industry’s great performances as Ellie in TLOU.

I’ll see you jokers next week, and we’ll be talking obscure author Philip K., talking Philip K… Dick… He wrote in ’67, you probably didn’t hear about him.

In the meantime, enjoy this picture:


8 thoughts on “No Podcast this Weak

  1. So be it…actually that sucks and I hope things turn around quickly.

    I actually began watching 24 when the 4th season started, saw the rest of the series sans the latter half of season 7 and Live Another Day. I loved the show back in the day but now IDK if I can go back to it.

    1. It would probably be pretty jolting for its politics (we are all much different than we were during its heyday), and pretty tiring for its content. But it was trailblazing back then, considered the watermark for cinematic television (laughable now, when Key & Peele comedy sketches blow it out of the water… Although, as I now discover, K&P is better directed than most, regardless of genre)

      But it’s Jack Bauer that makes it all worth it. Despite being this creepy manifestation of right-wing America post-9/11 madness, he’s the most exciting presence on TV, hands-down my favorite American television character. He’s essentially like a more badass Vic Mackey, and on a much larger scale

  2. There’s a moment late in season 8 that pretty much encapsulates the aura that is Jack Bauer’s awesomeness, when he’s dressed like f’n Master Chief and kidnaps a former US President in broad daylight, Batman-style. One of the funniest and my favorite moments.

    But yeah, it might be hell though to go back and watch the new cast of characters each week go through the meat grinder, be revealed to be traitors or sacrifice themselves in contrived ways. The writing falls into formula pretty definitively after season 5.

    1. That scene is transcendent. I mean, he was already an action movie hero for five seasons, but after the torture barge he was beyond invincible. Putting on armor, no fair

      Yeah CTU has the worst vetting process. Everyone’s a mole!

    1. I always forget that she, like Felicia Day, is a TV actress. So it’s a fun surprise… Except on this show, where she was essentially under the threat of torture the whole time (didn’t happen though, phew)

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