The Return of Valiant Denim!!

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A Fast Karate for the Gentleman super robot adventure, in the style of serial radio drama. And it is dramatic. Musashi Koto is a hero for the ages (BEEEEEEEAM)…

Dave was nice enough to include me on the cast (my voice is pitched down, so it almost sounds alright).

Also be sure to check out the original episode, and the true original episode.

This whole week has been pretty wild — I find myself at a loss for how to properly express how I feel, and yet have been given nothing but opportunity to endlessly express myself. Over on his Tumblr, Dave had some nice things to say about Ep. 61, some really nice things:

Actually, I mean, I recommend Harrison’s show as a whole. I don’t wanna go all comparing ages or anything, or acting like I’m grown, but that dude, at 22 or whatever, is operating at an emotional level it took me several extra years to reach. Sometimes, I think I’m still not there.”

I don’t mean to paste this here to stroke my own ego — it’s something I’d like to respond to with a sentiment I left out of that podcast.

Whatever my emotional maturity*, it’s been born of a world that’s changed significantly in the last ten years. Every generation is better than the last (I don’t know when ‘generations’ are demarcated), because the last contributed to the foundation. My development was easy because of guys like Dave and Joel, so what’s more impressive is that they were able to come out on the other side as they did, from where they started, and in the world they did, which was so different just five years ago.

Sometimes I talk about school and television and parenting, the things that mold our developing brains over adolescence. It’s so important that young people find the voices out there that will at the very least counteract whatever failings of school, television, parenting — the socializing structures of our society (sssssss) that’ve become cemented and therefore difficult to criticize.

Again, it might feel silly to put so much stock in a podcast, but in reality, it’s a very pure distillation of ‘voices.’ That’s exactly what Fast Karate is, and these voices represent incredible perspectives.

*I really need to pull Ep. 62 now — it’s a bad one. But maybe I’ll leave it for the ‘audience’ to decide.

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