The Books that Leela Reads

Turanga Leela is an environmentalist, and she’s the only one on the show with a -living- pet. So I suppose it follows that the books she reads would be consistent along that track.


From “Lethal Inspection,” when Leela proves herself a terrible bureaucrat. The reason though, is only laziness.


Courageous Horses of the 18th Century. These books are pretty big, but at least Hamsters was a definitive text. This one is only about horses in one time period, though it was a good time period for horses.


This was the first one, from “Parasites Lost.” It’s a survey text.


Here’s one from a different shelf. Come to think of it, you library-jerks out there oughtta be happy that physical books will survive for at least another thousand years.


Closing off with a magazine. It’s sad to think that Leela and this magazine believe her relationship with Fry to be ‘dead-end.’ Oh, women. Always wanting of their lives to not be wasted.

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