Ep. 50 – The Abstraction of Storytelling

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The investigation of the sociopolitical dimension of science-fiction necessarily requires the study of storytelling itself. How does the creator, or set of creators, package their message within a narrative? What are the approaches they take, and what unique aspects do they then draw out of their chosen medium? We talk literature, theatre, comics, film, television, and video-games.

Panel of Experts: Dr. Ben Railton, Kelly Letourneau, Donovan Grant, Andrew Clabaugh, Cassandra Cuddy, and Jojo Clemency

Runtime: [2:11:20]

This podcast contains spoilers for: The Wire, Breaking Bad, Lars and the Real Girl, Blade Runner, The Amazing Spider-Man #121, Metal Gear Solid, Far Cry 3

Further Reading: She’s Come Undone, Comics and Sequential ArtThe Resisting Reader, Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics, Making Comics, On Writing, On Writing Well, Brecht on Theatre, Screenplay, The Coffee Break Screenwriter, On the Page: Screenwriting, The Revolution was Televised

For extended interview segments of each guest, check ’em out on YouTube (coming soon): Dr. Ben Railton Kelly Letourneau Donovan Grant Andrew Clabaugh Cassandra Cuddy Jojo Clemency

I’ll be back in a month… Thank you for listening!

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