Ep. 46 – Batgirl and the Misery of Being a Cassandra Cain Fan

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Batgirl1Joining me this week is special guest star Donovan Grant of The Next Dimension: A Dragonball Z Podcast and The Batman Universe, to talk about the Kelley Puckett and Damion Scott run on Batgirl, exploring themes of feminism, racism, and violence.

This episode was recorded on 3/8/15, which was International Women’s Day! (I did not know this at the time of the recording)

Runtime: [1:52:59]

To hear and read more from Donovan, check out these links sold at finer browsers near you:
The Next Dimension on Facebook
The Comic Book Film Revue
Gotham Chronicle
The Hooded Utilitarian

This podcast contains spoilers for: Batgirl (Gordon, Cain, Brown), The Dark Knight Rises, 22 Jump Street

Further Reading

Chasing Utopia,” by Donovan Grant
Superman is a White Boy,” by J. Lamb
Superheroes!” by Roz Kaveney
The Supergirls” by Mike Madrid
Static vs. The Race Hustlers
Chew“, by John Layman and Rob Guillory

Music Selection: “A Ballad for the Mute Ninja,” by The Human Project
Once upon a time, I believe this was gonna be the theme for a proposed sequel podcast to Dreck Fiction. But it was probably just that thing you fool around with when first opening GarageBand (MixCraft, in my case)

If you have any feedback for this special episode, shoot me an email — this will only be the first episode with Donovan, and maybe I’ll reach out to other guests in future editions, ambassadors for arenas in the mediascape whose expertise is much broader than mine.

7 thoughts on “Ep. 46 – Batgirl and the Misery of Being a Cassandra Cain Fan

  1. HAHA, you went with the title I suggest in jest! Happy to do it and will gladly do it again should you ever like me to!

    1. I think the next time, it’s gonna be movies, whether The D. Knight trilogy or whichever — I found myself a bit flat-affect on this episode (which is not unusual), but with the Year End shows, I was really able to formulate real replies and keep the conversation going. You were carrying this episode, and that burden should NOT fall to the special guest.

      Or, maybe when next we do this I’ll have read and studied enough comics to be on your level (uh-huh)

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