Ep. 45 – Conviction Evolved: War and Religion in Halo

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The surprisingly partisan themes of the original Halo trilogy pave the way to a story about peace and multicultural globalization (galaxyzation) — it actually proposes a solution to a war scenario. But I thought Halo was famous for being about war, and how fun it is to fight in a war?

Runtime: [39:05]

This podcast contains spoilers for: Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3

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For more on my own stuff about these themes, check out the video, The Demilitarized Soldier of JSA: Joint Security Area


Can’t help myself — it’s just that, I finished the recording at 3:43

6 thoughts on “Ep. 45 – Conviction Evolved: War and Religion in Halo

    1. Looking back, I’m now certain this was the only instance of me talking about it. It’s not a completely straight-faced idea, any more than like — how did the T-Rex show up at the end of Jurassic Park (there’s a hole in the wall, if you notice). My issue is that Peter Parker starts out and he’s this nerd loser, who gets picked on by bullies because he’s a little puny kid. And then he gets powers by the spider.

      But what if the spider had bit one of those bullies? Is the amount of powers transferred the same? Or is there some cap? Because I never got the impression that super-strength was really a factor — not to the degree of Superman, let’s say, so he had to use his web slingers and spider-sense to work around direct physical limitation. So if an already tough guy had his same powers, wouldn’t he be better than Spider-Man?

      And now I’ve divulged far too many words on it. To Halo, it’s not a perfect analogy — my question was whether the Arbiter brought anything to the revelation, to make him behave differently than the Heretic. Because I always somewhat felt bad for the Heretic, given that the Arbiter eventually comes around to the same conclusion.

  1. To play the comic snob here (because you demanded it!), there’ve been “What If..!” OOC style stories positing if Flash Thompson, Peter’s high school bully got the powers instead. I’ve not personally read that, but I believe he dies at the end. Also the villain Venom in the comics is a body-builder, and it’s mentioned that the alien symbiote which grants him powers increases his already vast strength, ensuring his power to be greater than Spider-Man’s.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled comment section…

    1. When I think “Eddie Brock,” visions of That 70s Show dance through my head. That MF was no body-builder, my friend (although I’ve always found Topher Grace to be a fine actor)

      In a similar vein, I heard about a what-if with Batman, something like where Joe Chill didn’t murder the Wayne parents, and things happen… I don’t remember how that one goes but it sounded cool

  2. There’s been a couple of alt. universe stories where the Waynes live. In one, Bruce is still inspired to become a detective, in another he becomes a member of the idle rich while his supporting cast all fall into a life of crime. Whoops.

    When I think “Eddie Brock,” visions of That 70s Show dance through my head.”

    That’s a damn shame. Eddie Brock from the comics resembles John Cena, but the movie went for a more surface level opposite for Spider-Man to fight against.

    1. You know, I think I can recall that image, but I remember now that around the time of Spider-Man 3, I played Ultimate Spider-Man for the GameCube, which had a skinny Brock as well. Playing as Venom was cool though — he was jacked, more like the comics and not like the movie. Love that dude

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