Ep. 40 – Ghost in the Shell: Arise

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To bring our Ghost in the Shell: Double Anniversary Two Month Celebration to a proper close, we dish on some Ghost in the Shell: Arise, the recent Production IG joint that’s made… waves?

Runtime: [38:34]

This podcast contains spoilers for: Nothing much. I haven’t seen the whole show. Mardock Scramble and Stand Alone Complex are mentioned, but there aren’t any spoilers. Maybe for A Harold and Kumar Christmas 3D

This podcast is about:



Next week, we take a look at the Wachowskis’ filmography…

2 thoughts on “Ep. 40 – Ghost in the Shell: Arise

  1. DAMN that end song was amazing! I had never heard it before now.

    Totally appreciate and agree with your take on, in your own words, refining your approach to criticism. It’s too easy (and fun!) to rip into something just because you don’t like it, but there always has to be a greater point to doing so, or at least there should be.

    1. Christmas in the Silent Forest is epic, and I don’t use that word lightly. My fav on the albums next to Inner Universe.

      Yeah, I think I’ve just made an unconscious decision to only talk about things I like — a TV review episode where I say “Community is bad,” is probably not a good idea for someone interested in a future career in television. But aside from that, I found it’s becoming more difficult to rip on things. The second episode of the podcast was supposed to be about Bioshock Infinite, and aside from the extremely partisan nature of that episode, I just couldn’t balance a negative criticism with my genuine appreciation for the artistry and effort put into that game.

      So even though it’s easy to bash in the comfort and privacy of a few buddies, I think in publication (to whatever degree this signifies publication), it’s a higher art than I can currently aspire to

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