State of the Podcast Address

WELL I don’t know if it’d be possible, but if you have listened to the most recent episode, Episode Thirty-Nine: The Solid State Society, the audio is abysmal. Clearer than the last few which are all weird and echoey, but this one’s got some awful static. And by extension, Episode 42: Moribito, upcoming, must also have that static. But where I am now, I can’t tell what the podcasts are gonna sound like until they’re published…

So I thought about taking the episode down, but I’ll just write this post and replace the episode with a better version tonight, after the procurement of headphones.

2 thoughts on “State of the Podcast Address

    1. Ugh, it just kills me. My precious “Double Anniversary Ghost in the Shell celebration.” Just decimated by awful audio. Got a new mic — that only made things worse. I just need to get headphones, and hopefully that’ll make things better

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