Ep. 39 – Ghost in the Shell SAC: Solid State Society

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The Major returns for one last bout. This episode is more of a recap, in line with the written reviews, but there’s some analysis laced throughout like a finely laced sweatshirt. Solid State Society is just so complicated.

This episode has terrible audio, noise that could not be detected with sub-par headphones, nor deleted in mixing, in tandem with those same sub-par headphones, replacements of which could not be gathered due to a massive storm in the Nor’east. So here’s some fucking music to lay over my audio tracks, and hopefully that sounds better. I don’t even know myself.

But this is it for Stand Alone Complex — next week, we end the Double Anniversary with something else, so let’s send it off right:


It’s been said countless times before, but being a fan of the Major is a… complex thing.

Runtime: [56:59]

This podcast contains spoilers for: Stand Alone Complex, Ghost in the Shell SAC: 2nd Gig, Solid State Society

Further Reading: Production IG Overview

4 thoughts on “Ep. 39 – Ghost in the Shell SAC: Solid State Society

  1. Ha the Treaty Review Office dude is the the diplomat from the 1995 movie! It’s so obvious once you mention it but I never noticed that! Also the Colonel Txxxxx dude, I don’t know if you figured it out or not, is actually the one from that Chinese President assassination episode from the S.A.C. It’s mentioned in the TV show that he was the mentor of Aramaki, Aramaki’s military friend, and that other dude whose son went beserk trying to assassinate Chinese president. (Damn I’m forgetting all the names already?) I love how S.S.S. discreetly refers back to other works in the franchise.

    And there’s also some pretty darn well-made shots in the movie as well. The scene where Aramaki bids farewell to Colonel Txxxxx, how he initially walks away but then fianlly makes the bow, pretty powerful stuff. I was actually kinda touched. And then the scene with Toguaa attempting suicide. At first I was like lol he’s not gonna do it he’s a goddamn main character, but then I saw it with my own eyes Togusa firing the gun and Batou collapsing on the floor and that zoom and I was like holly xxxx did he actually? How they did this scene sorta reminds me of that part in the Sherlock TV show. Those are some top-notch works from an artistic point of view. An anime actually doing better at movie techniques than most movies nowadays, this is too damn funny (imagine saying this with Raj Puhto voice).

    1. Yeah, I was really impressed by Solid State Society’s look and feel. The longer runtime also gave the show some space to breathe, and so like with the Oshii movies, Ghost in the Shell once again has moments of pause between the lightning dialogue. There’s some melancholy there in the strained relationship between Batou and Togusa, and yeah, that it comes together with that scene in the hospital — very dramatic.

      I had no idea who the Colonel guy in SSS was, didn’t recognize him. I’d gotten the impression that Aramaki’s mentor had died in that episode, but it makes sense if it is him

      1. Well I figured he gotta be some sort of teacher or mentor that Aramaki clearly respects, but didn’t who he is exactly until I read it somewhere else. The only clue here is the name (which I’m bad at) apparently Colonel Txxxxx’s name was mentioned in this one exposition scene as Aramaki’s mentor in SAC; in the movie the Colonel also says something like “where’s xxxxxxx that ingrate hasn’t come to visit me blablabla”, if you have supergood memory you’re supposed to know he’s referring to that assassin son’s father.

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