Ep. 34 – Technology of Sex: Ghost in the Shell 2 and Feminism

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This is a dark film. It represents the most artistic piece of the franchise, a philosophical journey through colorful, operatic visions of tomorrow. It’s somber, dreamlike, and chilling.

It is also entirely elusive. I have little idea just what the F this is about, but I’ll give it my best.

GhostInTheShell2_2Runtime: [38:46]

This podcast contains spoilers for: The Red Spectacles, Ghost in the Shell (1995), Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence,

Further Reading: Stray Dog of Anime: The Films of Mamoru Oshii (2nd Edition), “Rewatching Ghost in the Shell: Innocence, what struck me most about the imagery was the scene of Togusa looking at the bloody handprint in the bathroom” (Fast Karate)

Image: This is what I assume is “Rose ouverte la nuit (Rose Open at Night)” a sketch by Hans Bellmer. We can see how this image was replicated in the opening of the film, and Oshii specifically references the artist. This is yet another thing pointed out by Ruh in the above-mentioned book. The chapter on Innocence is only found in the 2nd edition, alongside chapters on Assault Girls and The Sky Crawlers.

Audio Problems: So fucking pissed. I thought I fixed it but NOPE. It’s not quiet anymore, it’s just noisy as fuck. Process of elimination, and this week was two options — next week will be the final, the correct. Also, I need to be closer to the mic

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