Ep. 33 – The Ghost in the Shell (1989)

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GhostInTheShellOnline2_1In our continuing coverage of the Ghost in the Shell phenom, we return to where it all began, with a wild manga by Masamune Shirow.

Runtime: [26:15]

This podcast contains spoilers for:

Music Selection: “Fish ~ Silent Cruise
It’s another two-in-one, but I feel like Silent Cruise doesn’t exist without Fish. It’s an intense piece that always works in its many deployments on the show. Very atmospheric. Most of Yoko Kanno’s Ghost in the Shell work doesn’t sound cyberpunk, and I think that that works (obviously it does…). Blade Runner didn’t sound like cyberpunk, nor did the Ghost in the Shell movies.

Further Reading: Understanding Comics

(Image: To demonstrate history — how far we’ve come. In some ways, not far: Shirow set a kind of formula that people liked. It’s just that everything since has been strongly divergent. This is concept art for the upcoming Korean Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex FPS. I don’t know what the Koreans want with GITS, but I’ve yet to play a single GITS game and so hope beyond hope it comes to Steam in 2015 Q1 or whatever. Interesting how Stand Alone Complex even factors in. You guys can make your own thing, even if it’s identical…)

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