Ep. 31 – The Bad Science of Jurassic Park

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How smart are raptors, really? On second thought, how large were they?

This week, we take a look at the representations put forth by the Jurassic Park trilogy, in all its Spinosaurus-domination, raptor intelligence, and preserved DNA.

This podcast contains spoilers for: Nothing really

Runtime: [29:58]

Further Reading/Works Cited: “Could T. Rex Really Only See You If You Moved?“, “Scientists Show That Jurassic Park-Style Dinosaur Cloning Couldn’t Happen“, “AICN EXCLUSIVE!! Moriarty’s Been To JURASSIC PARK 4 And Returns To Tell The Tale!!“, “Tyrannosaurus Rex Vs Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus“, “Are Movies Science? Dinosaurs, Movies, and Reality“, “The Dinosaurs of the Jurassic Park Movies

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