97. Dead Alive (aka Braindead)

DeadAlive1The mother of all gorefests, and yet, my mother brings up a good point on the gore — it all happens at the end.

This has been cited, along with Riki-Oh, as the goriest film ever made, and it’s true that the gallons of blood come into play in the climax. It’s an amazing sequence of cartoon glee, Jackson at top form, though in just one of his ‘genres,’ alongside epic (LOTR) and dark drama (Heavenly Creatures), but throughout, the movie is composed of equally hilarious sequences, just to varying degrees of gruesomeness.

The breakfast table with zombies is a highlight, because of the sheer creativity on display. Zombies are meant to be adapted — they have rules, and the creator has to do something interesting with them. This movie plays with decaying flesh by poking spoons through necks, for example. It’s a far cry from the grounded, gritty zombie dramas of today, with an equally uncharacteristic character to match.

Horror/comedy is an important genre to me, and this will for sure not be the last on the countdown.

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