The BBPX Top 100

“Have a nice day.”

No podcast this week: I’m sick again!

That’s why I need to build a backlog, but that’s what I have been doing, only for this joke — BBPX’s (The American Film Institute) Top 100, beginning tomorrow!

I did make a mistake — it’s actually a top 102, because to my nostalgia-addled mind, two adventure films in a trilogy are inseparable to me, for the most part, and additionally, there’s a tie in the top ten. I know, that’s a controversial move, but you’ll understand when we get there in the final days of 2014.

There will be many non-science-fiction films making appearances on the site, so just wait until the next day, and there will certainly be some laser-alien nonsense to satisfy the core premise of the ongoing planetary battle.

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