Ep. 25 – Rust, Caution: Terminator and Future Warfare

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If we let those machines think for themselves, pretty soon they’ll do all the thinking. Terminator and The Matrix and other popular SF have a way of informing our imaginations and fear, which in turn informs how the future is actually handled. It’s only tomorrow, after all.

The audio in this and last week’s episode really sucks. I don’t know — it’s a new sonic environment I suppose (dorm room, lol), so I’ll have to work on that for next week, when I begin a brief series on the Appleseed franchise. Deunan deserves better.

This podcast contains spoilers for: Terminator 2, The Raid 2: Berandal

Runtime: [14:02]

Further Reading: “Elon Musc has some ‘Terminator’-esque fears about humanity’s fate,” “USAF Releases UAV Strike Stats,” Terminator 2: Budgment Day — I love when he pushes him, and they pan over and he’s just flat on the ground. Hilarious!

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