Ep. 23 – Tortured Masterworks III: Riddick

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Perhaps the masterwork that inspired this… brand, of… episodes. I’ve got three so far, so that’s like a masterwork itself, eh? I’m kind of a master of a kind. Kind of. Kindly, take a listen to this week’s (late) episode, and put on your time travel hat your way back hat to those times when Riddick becomes relevant every now and again, and I get excited. Why? God, [lights cigarette, long drag] probably something to do with the death of science-fiction film.


That of course is a typo and I meant: dearth.

But Pitch Black and Riddick were pretty good, even if both have their issues.

Spoilers for: Pitch Black, Riddick

Runtime: [27:50]

Further Reading: Irrational Interviews 9: Guillermo del Toro, Part 1, this trailer for Assault on Dark Athena, this trailer for Prey 2


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