Ep. 21 – The Essentials: Doomsday

To VELCOME TO YAR DOOM(sday)… click here


Neil Marshall’s Doomsday (2008) is a jumping-off point for the further discussion of the ‘Strong Female Character,’ the educational responsibility/nature of popular film, and the Escape from New York trilogy?

For a more comprehensive review of Doomsday, check out “The Doomsday Podcast” over at The Greatest Movie Ever! Podcast. Also, to hear more from Daryl Surat (talks about the non-Doomsday female protags in action movies), visit Anime World Order.

To jog yer noggin — here, this was the most lucid I’ve ever been about the Strong Female Character problem: “The Irrational Audience.”

This episode gave me the [strained] opportunity to talk about how I was able to perceive women from an early age, without the influence of sexist media, and with a little help from my old pal:

Metroid Prime 7

I couldn’t find a bigger picture

This podcast contains spoilers for: Watchmen, Scarface, The Godfather Part II

Runtime: [20: 47]

Further Reading: Conflict: Desert Storm Gameplay

By the way, the ‘second writer’ on Watchmen was Alex Tse, which is Chinese, but I didn’t know how to pronounce that

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