Ep. 17 – Orphan Black: Season 2 Review

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Orphan Black Season 2 has ended! What the fuck are we gonna do?

So I have some mixed feelings about the season overall, but I’ll never forget that watching it live — while painstaking in between episodes — was the truest way to connect to the community (in whatever limited fashion I did) and experience the true serialized narrative. This is an important genre show, and Season 2 may very well be a turning point.

To the long wait before Season 3, this season’s ‘cliffhanger’ wasn’t as dramatically crushing as the first, although I can’t say how crushing it was because I didn’t have to wait between seasons, but this one is really anxiety-riddling — the show is like holding a gun on me now because I don’t know if cataclysm is waiting on the other end. It’s kind of a mean cliffhanger, but then — aren’t they all?

Spoilers for: Orphan Black, Dexter, You’re Next

Runtime: [48:14]

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