Ep. 16 – Edge of Tomorrow: War, Women, and Waking Up

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The new film Edge of Tomorrow is getting strong buzz and nothing else — is it a light popcorn movie, know-nothing dumbass piece of shit, or an intellectual philosophical pretentious nightmare we can use to speak down to the middle class? (Hint: There’s some middle ground).

Perhaps this podcast is actually just a psychoanalytical interrogation of my own fetish for women in power armor — if we had more of it in live-action movie, maybe it wouldn’t be such a big deal. But it is. And for more reasons beyond aesthetics. Although honestly I don’t get to deep here. On a later episode, one talking about Halo or something. We’ll see. Just chill out. And enjoy this picture:


Runtime: [18:54]

This podcast contains spoilers for: Edge of Tomorrow
And lightly mentions elements of The Forever War and Inception

Further Reading: If there are any books about the representation of women in military/SF, you must recommend them to me

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