Ep. 9 – Kill la Kill Review

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Kill la Kill just ended last week and it’s tough to not continue thinking about. Jesus, it was good. One of the biggest media events for me in the past few years — I hadn’t been this excited about new episodes of a show in a while. And with the music, and the characters, I can’t get these things out of my head in the day-to-day. Why is that? Well, let me tell you…

Runtime: [37:24]

Things I forgot to mention (spoilers):

The voice acting is amazing. I typically end up watching dubs because the shows I’m into are very popular. Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell to me have great dubs — that’s the default for me. Black Lagoon, also very popular, I watched subbed just because I was more grown up and use that as a default, and because I didn’t really like Revy’s voice. With Kill la Kill, watching it simulcast, I could only see it subbed, and I noticed that every voice matched each character perfectly. And everyone sounds so cool. Particularly Sanageyama, who for whatever reason is a character I keep thinking back to.


You look at Sanageyama and think, God this guy’s such a douche, he’s that character. But when he loses his eyes he becomes this kind of sage-like being who espouses (repeatedly) the philosophy of sight and seeing the galaxy, which of course becomes its own joke. And then later I look at him and think, this is the only Japanese male of average size and shape who would be the main character on any other show, but he’s totally outnumbered. And yet, he isn’t ignored, and I super enjoy his theme song.

I love how Nonon has nicknames for everyone. I always enjoy nicknames when they exist in things, especially if they’re degrading, and it’s extra funny because it’s only her who continues to call Mako a slacker and Ryuko “transfer student,” even when she’s deflecting one of Nui’s shots that bounces into the ocean and explodes.

Here’s a still from a scene in an early episode, one of my favorites where Ryuko and Mako have to dodge traps to get to school on time in a big race, where Mako is clinging for her life and calling out for help:


When I saw this again after seeing the show at least one and a half times, this moment was sort of profoundly sad — Mako never seems to be aware of the grave danger she’s in, and she’s always in danger. So when this happened it was actually quite a unique moment, and I didn’t really like it. But of course, Mako forgets about it an instant later.


I’m sure I’m gonna think of several more things to want to mention. It’s an ongoing high.

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