Ep. 6 – Casual Fridays: In Orbit over Planet X

To Download, loosen the tie… here


Three things to quickly discuss before we move ahead.
1) The Nerd Perspective. How I’ve come to view film as a medium over the years from the angle of ‘sci-fi fan.’
2) The Scifi Paradigm. The product of the Nerd Perspective
3) Filmmaking from On High

I can’t believe I still pronounce “idea” like that. That’s not really how I… say it.

[Runtime: 15:50]

Further Reading: Pacific Rim just cuz, My old review for The Thing (2011), My second old review for The Thing (2011), KCRW interview with Guillermo del Toro, Catching up with David Hayter, Kosinski and Oblivion

Yeah, now Landgraf has a new sitcom, which is where FX seems to be headed now. I haven’t liked all of FX’s shows, but the channel has a sense of direction that’s now being split into numerous channels — it’s a brand now.

The Life of Pi comment seems dated — this was written and recorded weeks before the 2014 Oscars and I hadn’t really seen any movies in the running that fit that bill.

God those old reviews of The Thing… Was back when I was really explicit and creepy about Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I was learning a lot of things back with the old Dreck Fiction blog, and one was not to constantly talk about the celebrities you’re super-attracted to. The super-attraction never goes away, but you can trick the audience into thinking it has.

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