Ep. 90 – Top 10 Fictional Characters

I don’t know if this podcast will be of use to anyone, it’s not like a Top Ten based on a poll, or anything like that. And if you’ve listened to even one episode of this podcast before, you know how this ends. But for me, thinking about characters, specifically numbers 3 and 4 on this list, was kind of a useful thought exercise for writing. I used to be so adamant about the demarcation and hierarchy of story, characters, and theme. Mostly because people used to piss me off by saying character was the most important thing. Yeah, that’s how we get independent film. … More Ep. 90 – Top 10 Fictional Characters

We React To: Women in Authority

In short, Sarah Palmer is hated by the fan community because she’s a jerk. To the video, it’s honestly quaint there’s no disclaimer that it “isn’t sexism,” which of course, is the flag that instantly speaks to the reverse. In fact, HaloFollower begins the video by qualifying that Sarah Palmer is a BAMF, which he articulated as an acronym (Badass Motherfucker?). … More We React To: Women in Authority