Ep. 100 – The Final Battle: Visions of Planet X

2016 saw the 30th anniversary of the video-game Metroid, and the franchise it spawned. Most of the hullaballoo came from Metroid fans upset at Nintendo for basically ignoring it, as they had not for Mario and Zelda. Metroid was one of the original three, before it was supplanted by literally everything else, but even the smallest of the major Nintendo brands is a huge deal, so I too shall tip my hat in recognition, about as effectively as Nintendo itself, as we may come to discover. … More Ep. 100 – The Final Battle: Visions of Planet X

2016 in Review: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the Becks

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a dramedy musical, and I’ve never met a dramedy I’ve agreed with. Transparent, Orange is the New Black, independent film from the 2000s. And as a straight man I would never dare even explore musicals. So, because it’s not something I’m typically into, I worried it would fade, and it’s only been about a month, but it’s made such an indelible impression on me that I don’t expect from or ask for in media. … More 2016 in Review: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the Becks

Asking Asimov How to Talk to Girls

The Battle Beyond Planet X, like all criticism is, in some way, autobiographical. It is this way because that is easy. They say write “what you know,” and I say, “Okay, but next time be careful what you ask of me.” Criticism is the science of the self, it is raising my right hand in proud self-respect and then slowly dipping down toward my equator. All roads lead here, and my standing at the crossroads between our world and theirs seems to be driven by an anxiety best summed up by this heretofore unanswered question: why do I always want to play the girl in the video-game? … More Asking Asimov How to Talk to Girls

If Section 9 was Real, Would the World Be a Better Place?

Section 9 is a counterterrorist organization, but operates under the flag of Public Security. Although not explicitly voiced in the series, I see the team as policing more than violent criminals, but in fact, the culture that enables the violent criminals. Does this depiction of futuristic law enforcement have resonance with regards to our own future? How do we make that transition from the primal darkness we’re mired in now to that better tomorrow? Because we are imperfect, and need to be corrected. … More If Section 9 was Real, Would the World Be a Better Place?

The Kindred Kind: Blade Runner and Naturalization

Blade Runner is one of the most important scifi films out there, along with Metropolis and Star Wars. Every filmmaker or production designer working in scifi has to reconcile Blade Runner at some point. You have these scenes where they’re just flying between buildings and 30 years later, it’s jaw-dropping. And borderline gratuitous, and that’s the thing. … More The Kindred Kind: Blade Runner and Naturalization

Future Soldiers: A Survey of Military Science-Fiction

“Fiction is a tool of the imaginative process. Fiction allows us to imagine the details of reality-as-it-might happen in order to understand potential consequences of decisions that we need, or might need, to make. It helps us imagine how current trends might play out or how new innovations might have an impact. As a tool, fiction is cousin to war-gaming. It creates opportunities to play out potential scenarios and prepare for them.” … More Future Soldiers: A Survey of Military Science-Fiction

Monster-Industrial Complex: Godzilla vs. Japan(alon)

For the sake of entertainment, it’s often about building a weapon, but that’s when further complications arise. So, my college roommate and I watched the first Godzilla movie ahead of seeing the American one in 2014, and he ended up liking it where I kind of blew it off, but what I did like was the escalation. That there was this cycle of atomic bomb, Godzilla, oxygen destroyer, and I got this sense of, like, where does it end? … More Monster-Industrial Complex: Godzilla vs. Japan(alon)

Rape of the Natural World: The Complete Jurassic Park

And now we’re going back, how far we going back? 1993. In reality, this is a story that begins with Jurassic Park, the story called Harrison Chute. I tried to talk about the whole series over a year ago, or should I say just the film series, and I didn’t get that far, even. So, in a coordinated effort to close all the loops on The Battle Beyond Planet X, leaving absolutely no stone unturned, in consideration of the creepy crawlies in the darkness underneath, it’s time to discuss the Complete Jurassic Park, which shall be maintained through until 2018. … More Rape of the Natural World: The Complete Jurassic Park

Existential Delaise

Tonight’s episode will come out sometime Monday. It is currently reaching the end of the drafting process, meaning that recording and editing still lie ahead. The podcast following that will undoubtedly also be late, because I won’t have next weekend to work on it. After that, surely this embarrassment will propel me forward. A lot of the remaining episodes have been at least partially written, but there’s still the matter of watching the damn movies (or playing the game, in the case of the final episode). … More Existential Delaise